Our Mission

To improve the lives of our people so they can provide better care to the pets that bring joy to our lives.

Happy Paws – Compassion knows no bounds for those we serve!

At Happy Paws, our unwavering mission is to enhance the lives of our team members, empowering them to deliver exceptional care to the pets that bring boundless joy. But we’re more than a veterinary acquisition company; we’re legacy guardians. When we acquire small, owner-operated veterinary practices, we don’t merely increase their profitability—we nurture their legacy. Our commitment transcends financial transactions; it’s about honoring the passion and care these practices have poured into their communities.

At Happy Paws, we champion the well-being of our furry friends. But it starts with our team members—those who care, heal, and advocate. By enhancing their lives and empowering pet parents with knowledge, we create a ripple effect of health, happiness, and longevity. Together, we can make this difference to create some Happy Paws!!!


Our Core Values

At Happy Paws, our values are more than words—they’re the heartbeat of our purpose. Guided by compassion, our values lead us toward enhancing lives for all, especially our beloved furry friends!

We Care

Deeply rooted in compassion, we extend care to our team members, pet parents, and our furry friends we serve. Their well-being is our priority.

We Communicate

Transparency and open dialogue define us. Trust and collaboration thrive when communication flows freely within our team.

We Act

Beyond words, we take proactive steps. Challenges become opportunities, and action drives positive change.

We Improve

Committed to growth, we evaluate processes continuously. Enhancements benefit our team and all those we serve.

We Grow

Embracing change, we journey toward progress—individually and as a team.